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Iridium Go Training

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Welcome to the Iridium Go Training Page

Iridium Go Training Page

This page is dedicated to providing Iridium Go training, tutorials and user tips.

If you have any questions that you would like us to answer publicly, please write to us using the Big Red Button below.  Please include a brief description.  In order to keep the content relevant, please user the Big Red Button to ask questions that are related to the Iridium Go

If you wish to ask another question please change the subject line in your E-mail to the appropriate category, so that your message may be relayed to the correct support member.  Thank you. 🙂

Iridium Go Training Video

Transcript of the Iridium Go training video is available to our customers

If you would like a transcript of this training video, please use the Big Red Button below.  We are also now able to offer all our Australian customers amazing deals, and extremely competitive satellite data packages.

Quotations and plans for the Iridium Go

Ask us for a quotation for the Iridium Go Plans.  We are also dealers for Iridium Phones.  Please visit our Iridium Phones dedicated site here.

Remember to view our main page and the Iridium Go Review post.

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 Other Iridium Go Training Resources

Iridium Go Training page updated 26 August 2019.

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Iridium Go Review & Specifications

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Iridium Go Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot Review

Comparison and Specifications

Small, compact and rugged body, a big heart and big features and a small price.  This is what the Iridium Go Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot is all about.

The unit is packed with features, and because it makes use of the powerful existing technology of smartphones and tablets, it has no real competitors on the market.

The closest to the features offered by this satellite WiFi hotspot would have to be the powerful Thuraya XT which has lots of features but not WiFi hotspot, and the Thuraya SatSleeve which offers an equally attractive WiFi Hotspot solution to people who travel to areas that have no mobile coverage.

The advantage over other satellite devices is that it does not need to be attached to the smartphone or tablet in order to provide a satellite network service. Instead, it uses the already reliable and technically advanced Bluetooth technology.

The other major advantage is the connection to the Iridium Global Satellite Network—the only real global satellite service provider. Whilst other satellite network providers use stationary satellites, the Iridium Network utilizes a LEO (Low Earth Orbit) constellation of satellites which cover just about the entire planet.


Satellite WiFi Hotspot Features


Comparison Chart


 Comparison between Iridium and other satellite WiFi hotspot devices

Before deciding, please discuss your communication requirements with us. If the Go! is the most cost-effective and efficient solution to your needs we will offer you unbeatable call rates.

And, of course, you will also be getting the benefits of our Australian local mobile phone number for satellite phones.

Buy from Satellite Phones

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 Read more about the Iridium Go Satellite WiFi Hotspot

Iridium Go Review & Specifications post updated on the 26 August 2019.

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Iridium Go! Satellite Hotspot

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Iridium Go! use your satellite hotspot device anywhere

Iridium phones are renowned for their reliability and efficiency worldwide. Now Iridium Go! has made it possible for you to use your smartphone, tablet and mobile devices anywhere in the world.

Provided you can see the sky, you can use your Iridium Go! to SMS, make voice calls, tweet, post to Facebook and any social media that does not require high-speed broadband to function.

Considering that mobile service coverage is patchy–even in some parts of the developed world, this is a wonderful and useful invention that may even help save lives.

Iridium remains the only true global satellite service provider. The Iridium Go! connects to the LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites that are constantly crisscrossing over the globe.


About The Satellite Hotspot Communication, The Iridium Go!

All satellite communication systems, (no matter what satellite phone brand you use),  requires direct uninterrupted line-of-sight between the satellite and the device.  So the Iridium Go! and the satellite have to be able to see each other in order to provide you with a network connection!

It is not possible (no matter how many times you see it on TV) to use your Iridium Go! or any other satellite communication device, phone, hotspot, Wi-Fi anything when the device (or a connected external antenna) and the satellite cannot see each other.

So using a satellite device while sitting deep down in a bunker only works in the movies and not in real life.


The Iridium Go Hotspot is easy to use.

Iridium Go! Australia

Flip the antenna out of its recess and you are on and connected.  Read more

The next step is to pair the Iridium Go! with your device and this too is child’s play.  If you own an iPhone, iPad, Android device or tablet, you are most likely to be well familiar with pairing devices.

Pair 5 devices to the Iridium Go! Satellite WiFi Hotspot and operate one device at a time. The range of service is a 30-meter distance from the unit which is similar to standard internet WiFi hotspot devices.


The Iridium Go! is reliable, tough and compact

tough satellite hotspot

The Iridium Go! is one of the toughest and most reliable satellite Wi-Fi Hotspots on the market today. It is rated as dirt and rain resistant and it can withstand even the roughest elements.

The unit is small enough to fit nicely inside your pocket. Ideally, it should be stored, well protected, in a backpack until needed for use.

It can even be installed for mobile use in motor vehicles, aircraft as well as yachts for mobile use. Visit the accessories website to get more information about mounting options. All standard Iridium antennas will work, all you need is an adapter.

Software and apps for the Iridium Go!

Apps are available for Apple iOS available at the iTunes Store and Android available on Google Play. Click on the links provided or simply type in “ Iridium Go! ”.

There are two apps

  • The Iridium GO! App.  This app will enable you to access all the wonderful features provided by the satellite networking service.  These include Voice calls, SMS, GPS tracking and other satellite tracking services, launching an emergency SOS call, post of Twitter and other Social Media and access to internet calls.
  • Iridium Mail & Web App. This app greatly facilitates accessing e-mail and using your smart device web browser.  You will also enjoy additional features, normally unavailable to satellite phones such as photo sharing, accessing popular social media sites and (limited) browsing capability.  Remember that satellite data is very slow (for obvious reasons) therefore please do not expect the Iridium Go! to give you the same browsing experience you enjoy when connected to high-speed broadband.

The Apple Apps with links

The Android Apps with links

Once installed on your mobile device you will be able to

  • Make voice calls
  • Send instant Global positioning system (GPS) and check-in alerts
  • Receive weather alerts
  • Configure advanced settings
  • Generate Twitter posts
  • Setup Wi-Fi data files call
  • Trigger An emergency SOS
  • Use Iridium Mail & Online Apps
  • Compressed and also optimized e-mail and data connectivity
  • Image transfer capabilities via email, Twitter Social networks connectivity
  • Easy access to weather conditions forecasts
  • Obtain information about different third-party optimized programs.

It is important to note that regular applications that need broadband internet network accessibility cannot be supported for use with Iridium Go!

Remember that satellite data transfer rate is very slow, so Iridium developed the applications to remove all the superfluous data bits!

Why you should buy your Iridium Go! Satellite WiFi Hotspot from us

  • Because we value our customers’ best interests more than our commercial interests. We will discuss your satellite communication needs first, and then we will suggest the best, most cost-effective solution for you. We will give you honest advice and the best deal possible on data and equipment.  It is important to realize that when it comes to satellite communication and satellite phones, there are hundreds of different variables that can affect your experience.  The calling data plan, equipment and service provider that is perfect for one customer, could be a nightmare scenario for another customer. For this reason, we discuss your particular requirements with you before making any suggestions.
  • Because we will work very hard to secure the best data plans for your Iridium Go!.
  • Because, if you are an Australian resident, we can offer you a local mobile telephone number. How does this help?  You will get an easy-to-dial and remember telephone number such as 0404123456 (numbers are not necessarily that good! And this is a made-up satellite phone number, but please don’t try it just in case someone actually owns it 🙂
    • Your callers will pay standard mobile phone rates instead of the expensive international premium satellite rates.  If you don’t have a mobile number, depending on the carrier your caller is using, it could cost them between $12 and $25 per minute! It’s a good way to get rid of friends and family!
    • When you dial out normally from an international satellite phone sim card, every call you make is an international call.  This means that, say that you need to call your mother whose number is 02-12345678 you will need to dial 0061212345678.  When we give you an Australian mobile Sim Card, you will be dialling 02-12345678. No international prefix required! This will save you years of your life plugging in additional numbers.  Imagine being in an emergency situation and having to remember to add the international prefix to you memorized emergency contacts.
    • The regular Australian service numbers such as the NRMA, RACQ, Poison Information Center, SES, are not likely to work from an international Sim Card. Our Australian Sim Card will allow you to make these calls for the cost of a satellite phone call (your plan).
    • The same applies to the 1300 and 1800 numbers. You are not likely to be able to call them with a standard international satellite Sim Card. You WILL be able to call these with the number we give you.
  • Because we are satellite phone specialists. We do not sell binoculars, bicycles, CB radios–we focus on satellite phones for sale, the promotion of quality satellite communication equipment and of course, promoting the Iridium Go! to our Australian and regional customers.  Furthermore,  we associate only with the best satellite service providers in the world.

How many more reasons do you need to buy your Iridium Go! from us? Give us a call on 0263355216 and we will think of a few more 🙂

Expression of Interest

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We will be posting reviews Iridium Go frequently asked questions in a separate page on this site, so please come back often.

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Iridium Go! Satellite Hotspot page updated 26 August 2019.

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